What We Do
Understand Your Needs:
               ​Enrollment forecasting
                    Facility capacity & utilization studies
                    School siting & student location mapping
                    Facility condition inventories
                    Technology infrastructure evaluation
Engage Your Community:
                     Meeting facilitation
                     Visioning & Facility Planning
                     Reflection exercises
Reflect/Inspire/Discover Workshops:
                Share best practices in education, school organization, facility planning, design
                    Review current educational practices and desired future practices
                    Share examples of exceptional learning facilities
                    Connect you to the people teaching & learning in those places
                    Develop demonstration projects- “It is the least you can do…”
Explain Your Vision:
                Make your learning visible
                    Share your insights
                    Summarize what is learned
                    Articulate your vision
Fund Development:
                Alternative financing
                     Grant writing
                     Bond campaigns
Support Concurrent Professional Development:
                     Beyond Professional Learning Communities: great teamwork that endures
                     Collaborative decision making through Dynamic Governance and facilitating the Sense of the Meeting
                     Design thinking for learners and educators
                     Developing Project Based Learning Exercises with Depth and Passion
                     School schedules that support learning and collaboration
                     Strategies for selecting flexible and affordable furnishings