9 Questions Podcast

Listen to the 9 Questions Podcast to understand how learners, teachers, admininstrators and community members learn best and how that might help us create better relationships, engaging learning opportunities and effective learning environments in the future.  9questions.libsyn.com
1. What was your most meaningful learning experience?
Where did it take place?
Who were you with?
How old were you?
How did it make you feel?
Why does it remain memorable today?

2. What would school be like if all your learning experiences were like that?

3. How do you learn best?
What do you wonder about?
Are you creating evidence of what you are learning?
What was your biggest failure?
How did you recover?
How did that experience impact the way you think about your future?
How would you organize the school day, week and year to best support your learning?
4. When you think of school:
What would you keep?
What would you toss?
What would you create?

5. What are the biggest changes in the world in the past 25 years?
6. What skills do we need to negotiate those changes?
7. What are you doing locally to acquire those skills?
8.If students have 24/7 access to information, lessons, lectures, tutors, etc, why do they need to come to school?

9.What is your vision for the future of learning?

Bonus Question: Do you have anything you would like add?