What We Do
Understand Your Needs:
               ​Enrollment forecasting
                    Facility capacity & utilization studies
                    School siting & student location mapping
                    Facility condition inventories
                    Technology infrastructure evaluation
Engage Your Community:
                     Community Engagement tools: "Where I Learn Best" "Places for Learning" "Range of Options"
                     Meeting facilitation
                     Educational Visioning & Facility Planning
                     Reflection exercises
Reflect/Inspire/Discover Workshops:
                Share best practices in education, school organization, facility planning, design
                    Review current educational practices and desired future practices
                    Online Crowd-Sourcing Tools
                              Collaborative Learning Observation
                              Collaborative Learning Assessment LT2.1 Learning & Teaching
                              Collaborative Learning Assessment LE2.2 Learning Environments
                    Share examples of exceptional learning facilities
                    Connect you to the people teaching & learning in those places
                    Develop demonstration projects with flexible furnishings, paint and technology
Explain Your Vision:
                Make your learning visible
                    Share your insights
                    Summarize what is learned
                    Articulate your vision
Fund Development:
                Alternative financing
                     Grant writing
                     Bond campaigns
Support Concurrent Professional Development:
                     Online Tools: Collaborative Learning Assessment PD2.3 Professional Development
                     Team formation & team decision making
                     5 Principles of Furniture Whispering
                     21 Design Thinking Strategies
                     Tuning Project Based Learning Exercises
                     Improvisation Trios focused on Failure, Recovery & Persistence
                     School schedules that support learning and collaboration